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BullyFree ABA
is a program based on giving our students the intervention skills necessary to confront bullying proactively through shared experiences. Our goal is to present student awareness sessions to aid schools in conflict resolution and decrease bullying incidences. Our program presentation, player testimonials and true-life examples make up a remarkable experience designed to make an impact on the culture within your school or organization.

BullyFree ABA was first established by the current CEO and Commissioner of the ABA Mr. Joe Newman, a long standing commissioner of the ABA, successful entrepreneur, public speaker and business owner with over 40 years of sports, marketing and media experiences. Mr. Newman recognized a need for this type of program first hand with his own grandchildren who had experienced bullying first hand. "Bullying has become an epidemic at all three levels and the effort to eliminate it has been lacking," stated Joe Newman, ABA CEO. "Kids are being terrorized on school buses and in schools and very little is being done to protect them.

BullyFree ABA is a national program supported by over 90 ABA franchise teams all across the country. Our goal is to provide our unique program to the thousands of schools and organizations in each of our supporting cities. With the support and intervention program provided by the ABA we can reduce the incidences of physical, verbal, emotional, sexual and cyber bullying. Congruently BullyFree ABA will work to eliminate the negative outcomes of bullying prevalence, suicides, truancy, and crime and teacher abuse in our schools.

BullyFree ABA Implementation and Services

 Complete program management between ABA organization and teams

 Establish on-line access to program educational materials and resource center

 Provide on-line merchandising related to the BullyFree ABA Campaign

 Schedule and facilitate training and education seminars throughout the league

 Scheduling and acquiring talent for in-school, after-school and event concerts

 Create musical branding as part of overall marketing strategy

 Facilitate website design to include on-line marketing and merchandise purchasing

 Develop marketing packages to be presented to league teams in securing corporate sponsorship in creating team revenue

 Schedule program dates with individual classes, individual schools, school districts and businesses

SI Vipers BullyFree ABA Informational Packet  


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